New Camera, Old Film and Cold Temperatures- Christmas Holidays 2017

Over the Christmas holidays I purchased a Minolta film camera from a family friend of mine, it came with four lens, and a 2x extender. This was the first roll of film I shot using this camera. If there are any film shooters out there, you know that the first roll is always the most nerve-wracking because you have no clue if the camera works. I used the camera when I was exploring Toronto and also took it up to the cottage in the Muskoka area. I really put this camera through its paces. While exploring Toronto the snow was coming down very hard and in Muskoka it was the coldest couple of days I have ever experienced. With these cold temperatures the ice was thick enough to walk on. This allowed us to try our hand at ice fishing. NO I didn't catch anything but I was the only person to get a bite. We didn't last long out there being exposed to all the elements, but I did get a few shoots while out there. The final activity was snowshoeing and I finished off the roll of film on this adventure.